Turbidity Testing
Posted by Go Green Kidz Club, South Africa on 9 May 2016

The Go-Green Club has been an active presence in the informal Howick township called Shiabizali overlooking the beautiful Umngeni Gorge!! Having few municipal service has meant that the community has been dumping their rubbish in the nearby stream entering the Umngeni River, the Howick Sewage Works above Shiabizali realease treated water back into the river systems but due to overload of the systems sometimes this water is not very clean. Using a turbidity tude, a local women tests the clarity of the water twice a day in order to record data as evidence and assess trends in varying water quality. Today the Go-Green Kidz also learnt how to use this simple citizen science clarity tube to better understand the relationship that people's activities had on the health of the catchment. 

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