Waterful achievements from Water Explorers 1st year
Posted on 4 February 2016

This past year, Water Explorers first, has been full to the brim with technological advances, innovative ideas and progressive discussions dealing with the world’s water issues. We’re very excited to have been part of that and to celebrate our achievements we have created a waterful picture. It shows just how much water and carbon we’ve saved and how many people we’ve talked to as Water Explorers about our precious water.

8500+ people read what we said about water on Twitter and Facebook.  We’ve featured on the radio, on TV and in articles many times over across the 11 countries where our Water Explorers are active Our number of registered schools are filling up and there is exciting interest from places far and wide; India, Canada, Singapore, Malta and Austria!

Teachers are happy and 90% think that Water Explorer benefits their students with improved knowledge, wider skills and the development of a personal belief in the importance of saving and protecting our water.

Together we have saved a whopping 586% over our water saving target and 581% over our carbon saving target. With fresh enthusiasm and ideas continuing to boom we have full trust that the amazing achievements we’ve seen so far will keep on coming.


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