Fracking And grey water
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Posted by Chelsea Preparatory School, South Africa on 8 December 2015
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Making our Mark !
Making our Mark !

We had the great pleasure of hosting Bridget from WESSA who came to ur school to chat to our Grade 6 learners about what Fracking is and the dangers of Fracking. She showed the students pictures and help the to understand what the dangers were and what they could do as young learners to help prevent it from taking place.

They were then divided up into groups and given the opportunity to create fantastic posters to protest against Fracking. They all had to paint on of there hands and place it on there poster and then write why they though Fracking should not take place. The students really came up with some great posters and really worked hard at creating something that they were proud of to do there bit against Fracking.

 Bridget also then asked all the student to bring with them some grey water. which they total togeter to see how much water is wasted by the grade 6 students. We had collected a total of 85 liters that day alone. We then took the water out to our eco garden and watered the plants to show that we can use grey water to water our gardens as well as use it for other things around the house.

 The day was a great success and our students walked away with a great bank of knolwedge and information and were also very greatful that they could play a part in trying to save our envioromet in some way. Thank you must go to Bridget for her great knowledge and helping our Grade 6 learners in learning about the dangers of Fracking.


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